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Barbara Rusmore

Strategic Consulting


Dr. Barbara Rusmore provides strategic consulting services to non-profit groups and public agencies nationally.  She is the principal of Rusmore and Associates, and is committed to developing leaders and effective organizations through participatory learning, facilitation and evaluation.  R&A has deep interest and consulting expertise in developing multi-stakeholder and collaborative ventures.


Dr. Rusmore assists individual leaders, governance groups, networks and collaborations to   achieve their goals. Her engaging participatory and multi-cultural approach supports learning and commitment to action. She has assisted over 700 organizations during 30 years of professional work.  Barbara has a M.Ed. in Organizational Development and a PhD. in Human and Organizational Systems. A list of clients is available on request.


Consulting Services Description

Organization Development: Organizational assessment and research, staff and board development and training, leadership and management training and coaching. Strategic planning, program development and evaluation.


Leadership Development: Individual and group leadership training and coaching. Consulting in cultural change, organizational learning and leadership development within organizations. Executive coaching in creativity, strategy and management.


Collaboration and Networking: Development and delivery of organizational and leadership programs to build capacity within sectors – such as local grassroots groups, health organizations, Native American nonprofit leaders. Design and facilitation of learning networks and collaborative ventures, coaching for collaborative leadership groups. Facilitation of large-scale collaborative strategy sessions.


A list of clients is available on request.

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