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Barbara Rusmore- Plein Air Artist


"This past year I’ve been drawn to paint water. Running water or frozen snow and ice, settled in a pond or hidden in riparian vegetation. Until I pulled together my paintings for this show, I didn’t realize I was painting water. 

Perhaps it was so unconscious because I intuitively select a place to paint by feeling drawn to be there, in that spot, to absorb and transfer images onto canvas. Often it’s not about a spectacular iconic image, rather a more personal, close-up vista, a sheltering place. Many of these paintings are places near water and the riparian thickets of vegetation that roll up and out to the skyline.

Maybe in this time of social controversy and political conflict, the wetlands provided a hopeful place.


The sounds of running water and bird song, rich scents, or light glinting on snow, and complex patterns of crossing bare branches drew me to these paintings.   I hope they convey some of the beauty, peace and unpredictable diversity of the abundant life in wet lands."  

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